Urban earth FAQ, FMC

Kids are great. They don’t ask you what art is- they tell you:

“It’s a cave.”

“It’s a fort. ”

“It’s a castle.”

“It’s a house.”

“The lights are snakes. “ (?? very interesting…)

Adult comments:

” What did you mean by doing that,

by building the Tumulus?”

“Where can I get some adobe bricks?”

“Can I have your adobe bricks?”

“What are you going to do with the adobe bricks?”

“Will you give me the bricks when you’re through, huh?”

About two dozen people have asked for the adobe. I’m sorry, but the adobe is going home, to the back alley whence it came. If you google the phrase “making adobe” one of the hits will be this wonderful pdf file from the State of New Mexico extension service on how to make adobe. Two pages. The process is very simple. It is also labor intensive and time consuming. Give it a try!

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