About the Installations

Installation work is an amazing opportunity to engulf the viewers’ senses with a personal vision. Out of all the work I have done, it is perhaps the most daunting, exhausting and satisfying all at once. When someone comes up to me a few years later to talk about their experience in one of my installations, I know that something clicked. The assemblage of objects is gone, but somehow the experience has remained.


About the Sculptures

Through discrete sculptural objects, I have embarked on a visual journey with a grotesque, or carnivale, body humor “toolkit” of fruit, animal, and anatomical references. Beautiful forms, colors and textures, lure viewers up for an initial inspection. Without verbal input, the viewer must interpret in their own mind as to context, and either humor or disgust. Carnivale is not about comfort, it is about the underbelly, the hidden, the marginalized. This is the methodology, the perspective I use to explore our modern, urbanized relationship to Nature.