About the Radicis installation

radix -icis f. Latin. [a root; the foot of a mountain]; in gen. [foundation , basis, origin]

The foundation of most life on the planet is derived from the sun’s energy.

The sun is the great engine, radiating energy throughout the cosmos, onto our planet. Plants absorbing that energy turn it into carbohydrates, sugars: food.
The macroscopic community interacts with the sun above ground, absorbing its energy through plant material. Plants, however, have a continuing and more complex story of associations.

Tiny organisms in the soil biomass interact intimately with plant roots. Hidden microscopic communities in soils absorb, recycle and otherwise interact with the macro organisms above-ground.

The installation ‘Radicis’ is a mirror of these subtle, hidden interactions.

The installation Radicis absorbs solar energy, storing it in sealed batteries, and distributes it evenly over an 8 hour period.

Cadence #1 is a ‘steady state.’ A steady state was assigned to the root forms, as plants and trees are constantly interchanging the food materials they produce with other organisms.

Cadences 2 & 3 were tied to human body rhythms in part to control the impact of the Radicis environment on its viewers. If the cadences were too frenetic, the mood of the piece would be very different.

Cadence #2 is an 8 beat cycle, timed to a pranayama breath cycle. This yogic breath cycle tends to induce a calm, alpha state. The objects signifying single celled symbiotic organisms were assigned this cadence.

Cadence #3 is a 4 beat cycle, timed to a regular daily breathing pattern. This is an everyday, beta state, breathing cycle. The objects signifying either single celled predatory (plant eating) or parasitic organisms were assigned this cadence.

Cadence #4 is a small section of the Fibonacci number sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55… Fibonacci series are commonly found occurring in biological structures such as pine cones, sunflower heads, fern fronds, etc. This number sequence is also closely tied to the golden means, or golden ratio, an algorithm also commonly found in biological structures. This number series was assigned to objects signifying multicellular, complex organisms.

The installation is comprised of two solar panels, five lead acid batteries, inverter, charge controller, microprocessors, wire, 60 feet of led rope light, 465 LEDs, 80 small modular porcelain units, 60 linear feet of hand laminated unryu paper tubing, and 5 larger porcelain sculptural forms.

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  4.  Capricorn says:

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      True. This is also true of any battery, as the batteries currently available on the market contain heavy metals. It is also true of all electronic components containing rare earths.

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